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Comprehensive Water Testing

Protect Your Family With Quality Water Testing in Louisville, KY

We offer fast, affordable water testing in Louisville, KY so that you can provide clean drinking water for your family. 

Find Out if Your Water Is Safe to Drink

Did you know that all water, even tap water, can contain high levels of contaminants that are harmful to you, your family, and your plumbing systems? That is why investing in regular water testing is essential to ensure the water you are drinking is safe. 

At GuardianPro, we offer the accurate, reliable water testing services you need to find out what’s really in your water. We test for dozens of the most common contaminants and can help you create a remediation plan if required. Contact us today to schedule your water test in Louisville, KY. 

Why Water Testing Matters for Your Family

Water is essential for our daily lives, from drinking and cooking to bathing and cleaning. However, your drinking water can contain hundreds of contaminants. These can include natural minerals such as too much calcium to pollutants such as PFAS. 

Drinking water with high levels of these contaminants can cause serious health issues. These health issues can include developmental delays in children, certain cancers, and more. Additionally, natural elements such as calcium can corrode your pipes and result in high repair costs. Regular water testing can protect you and your loved ones from these harmful substances.

collecting water sample for testing

What Our Water Testing Services Include

While you may be able to see certain contaminants, such as iron, most contaminants, such as lead, are invisible to the naked eye and do not impact the taste of your water. The only way to determine whether or not you have these contaminants in your water is by testing it. 

At GuardianPro, we test for various contaminants, including bacteria, lead, pesticides, nitrates, pH levels, and more.

How Our Water Testing Service Works

GuardianPro Step 1

Collect a Sample

We’ll start by collecting a sample of raw water from your home and water from your faucets. Then we will send it to the lab for testing. 

GuardianPro step 2

Your Results

Once we get your results, we will review them with you and advise you on your next steps if you need any remediation. Remediation can include water filters, softeners, and more. 


GuardianPro Step 3

Enjoy Cleaner Water

If you need remediation, we can help you find a solution so you get the service you need to enjoy safer, cleaner water. Contact us today to get started. 

How Much Do Our Water Testing Services in Louisville, KY, Cost?

At GuardianPro, we want to ensure comprehensive water testing is accessible to all families. That is why we offer competitive rates on all our water testing services. Request a quote today. 

Give Your Family the Clean Drinking Water They Deserve

Do you want to ensure you provide your family with clean drinking water? Contact us today for water testing in Louisville, KY. 

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