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How to Prepare for a Home Inspection in Louisville, Kentucky

In recent years, the real estate market has been so red-hot that some home buyers have started to waive their rights to home inspections. They’ve done it in an attempt to make their offers look stronger when buying a home.

home inspection preparation

But as the market has started to cool off, many buyers have begun going back to requesting home inspections. As a result, you may need to agree to have a home inspection in Louisville, Kentucky done if you sell your house soon.

You will also need to prepare your home accordingly for home inspection services. It will help make the home inspection process go smoother than it would otherwise.

Here are tips on how to prepare for a home inspection in Louisville, Kentucky.

Make Every Area of Your Home Easily Accessible

During a home inspection in Louisville, Kentucky, a home inspector will want to get access to every square inch of your home. With this in mind, you should make every part of your home accessible for a home inspector.

If it’s currently difficult to get down into your basement or up into your attic without moving a bunch of stuff around, you will want to change this prior to a home inspector arriving at your home. Make it as simple as possible for a home inspector to inspect your home or else they might need to make assumptions about it that could scare home buyers off.

Declutter Your Home Inside and Out

The cleaner your house is during a home inspection in Louisville, Kentucky, the easier it’ll be for a home inspector to move around in it and inspect everything. It’s why you should make decluttering your home a top priority.

You should aim to declutter both the inside and outside of your house as best you can. It’ll guarantee that a home inspector is able to work their way through it with ease without having to spend all day long walking around inside and outside of it.

Do Minor Maintenance Around Your House

You might not have time to rip out the hazardous home materials like asbestos that were used to construct part of your basement before a home inspection in Louisville, Kentucky takes place. You also might not have time to take out the HVAC unit that isn’t working so that you can replace it with a new one. You’ll have to live with these types of items appearing on a home inspection report.

You can, however, do some minor maintenance around your house so that it passes all the home testing an inspector will put it through. This will include doing things like:

  • Replacing light bulbs that have burned out
  • Fixing a toilet that won’t stop running
  • Replacing an old furnace filter
  • Making sure doors and windows open and close easily

By taking on these types of tasks, you’ll find that a home inspector won’t be able to add as many items that need to be done in your house to their report. You’ll also make it appear as though your home is well-maintained, which will bode well for you when you’re selling it.

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