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Radon Mitigation

High levels of radon in your home can lead to some pretty serious health problems. Our team is here to make sure you and your family can rest easy, and safely, in your own home. We guarantee that your levels will go down after installation. The tools we use are of the highest quality and all our radon testing is run by a third-party with no backdoor. If you’re in need of a radon mitigation company you can trust, look no further. GuardianPro Environmental has you covered.


Radon is a naturally-occurring, radioactive gas that comes out of the ground. It is imperceptible by humans as it is colorless, tasteless, and odorless, but it is still quite dangerous. Radon comes from the breakdown of uranium in soil, rock, and water and seeps into the air we breathe. In open spaces, levels are low enough in the air to not be hazardous to our health. In our homes, however, radon particles can become trapped, raising levels to a potentially dangerous amount. The EPA has determined that high levels of radon can cause lung cancer more often than second-hand tobacco smoke, making mitigation of radon in your home all the more important.
Radon does not discriminate between homes. You may experience higher levels no matter if your home is older or newer, has a basement or not, etc. Radon can enter your home one of several different ways:

The only way to determine if too much radon is coming from one of those sources is through testing. At GuardianPro Environmental, we use state-of-the-art technology to test your levels. While some other companies may try to make your levels look higher so you have to go through an intense mitigation process, we prioritize you and your home. Our testing is all run through a third-party, so the levels you receive are always 100% accurate.

After levels and a source are determined, our team of experts can get to work on preventing any more dangerous gas from entering your home. We guarantee the radon reduction systems we use can reduce the levels in your home by up to 99%. Even very high levels can be brought down to acceptable levels with proper mitigation. After your mitigation system is in place, we’ll even do follow-up testing to show you how much your levels were brought down. We won’t stop until your home is safe for you and your family.


The best way to know whether or not you need radon mitigation is to test for radon in the air. If you know that your home has any of the potential sources listed above, like a crack in your foundation, it’s a good idea to schedule a radon test. Another important time to test for radon is after remodeling or building an addition, as they might have caused disruptions to the ground, concrete floor and foundation. If you already have a mitigation system in place, however, and you’re unsure if it’s done correctly, there are a few ways to tell if you need to get it repaired or redone.

Download our guide to see if you have a bad RADON installation in your home.


If you have a crawl space in your home, you are at a greater risk for high radon levels. Radon comes out of the ground, so a crawl space with exposed dirt is like a window that’s always open. From there, it’s all too easy for the radon particles to get trapped inside your home. What a lot of people don’t realize, however, is that crawl spaces often work differently from basements when it comes to radon mitigation. There is a lot more work that goes into it.
When our team has to mitigate a crawl space for radon, a special liner is put on the floors and walls to catch the radon as it comes out of the ground. The air is then sucked out from under the liner to make it airtight. This process is very involved, taking about 30 hours of work just to install the liner.
Protecting your crawl space from radon is more complicated than a basement, and often more expensive, but it is also very important to your health and safety. Skipping over this step just because the cost is a little higher puts you in a potentially dangerous situation. It is better to get this remedied sooner rather than later.

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