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Home Inspection Services

GuardianPro, a trusted home inspection company in Louisville, KY, offers comprehensive inspection services to ensure a smooth and informed real estate transaction.

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, a GuardianPro inspection provides valuable insights into the property’s condition. Our certified inspectors meticulously examine all major systems of your home, including the roof, foundation, electrical wiring, plumbing, HVAC, and more.

You’ll receive a detailed report outlining the inspector’s findings on the same day, allowing you to make informed decisions with confidence.

GuardianPro’s inspections are backed by our guarantee of customer satisfaction, giving you peace of mind throughout the process.

Call us today to speak with one of our inspectors or to schedule an inspection.

Radon Testing & Mitigation

Radon is a radioactive gas that can enter your house through cracks in the foundation and other openings, increasing the risk of lung cancer. The EPA recommends testing all homes for radon.

GuardianPro Environmental offers radon testing and mitigation services using state-of-the-art technology. Our systems are guaranteed to reduce radon levels by up to 99%.

Let us create a healthier and safer home environment for your family!

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