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Our Home Inspection Reports

The days of triple copy paper reports are long gone, but GuardianPro truly brings inspections into the 21 century. All of our reports are digital, include color photos of every issue with location tags, fair and accurate descriptions of the issues, a summary of the important issues, and a digital tool that makes it easy to create a repair request for the seller.  
Our scheduling and report publishing process are the icing on the report cake! You’ll find that our schedulers won’t pressure you into unnecessary extra services. They simply strive to serve you by quickly providing you with a list of the services we offer, pricing for each, and lets you choose the scheduling times that work best for you.  Then we take are of the rest by arranging the inspection with the other parties (Agents and sellers) for you. 
In all, we communicate regularly by text and email to help ensure everyone knows when the inspection is.  These include confirmation emails, payment acknowledgements, report notifications and reviews.
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